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  by Johni Cerny Congress authorized three types of pensions for Revolutionary War veterans and their […]
by Johni Cerny Edward Bourne’s Questionnaire Edward Bourne, a member of Company K, 3rd Confederate Infantry, […]
by Johni Cerny Few records so rich with biographical and genealogical information have gone unnoticed more […]
  Abscess An Abcess forms when pus accumulates in a localized area of the body. An […]
by Johni Cerny, B.S., F.U.G.A While American colonists knew of the mountains looming less than 200 […]
  -C- c., ca. (abbreviation)about or around, from the Latin word circa. Cajun derivative of the word […]
  -A- abstract abbreviated transcription of a document or record that includes the date of the […]
-B- b. (abbreviation) born. B (abbreviation) black, indicating race. banns public announcement of an intended marriage, generally […]
  Heinrich Tatje Age: 23 Residence: 387 Greenwich Street, New York City Origins: Schlahe, Hannover Spouse: […]
  Julius E. H. Hintze Age: 28 Residence: 77 Orchard Street, New York City Origins: Bockstedt, […]
  Samuel Emil Kessler Age: 28 Residence: 87 8th Street, New York City Origins: Unter-Hallan, Canton […]