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About professional genealogy services, LineagesJohni Cerny founded Lineages, Inc. in 1983 and since 2005 she was the lead genealogist for the television series that air on PBS, including “African American Lives” 1 & 2, “Faces of America” and seven seasons of the popular series “Finding Your Roots.”

In February of 2020, Johni Cerny passed on, leaving an undeniable legacy of inclusive, in-depth, precise and all-encompassing research for the ancestry of countless individuals. Her life was devoted to her work, and an innumerable amount of people benefited as a result.

In July of 2020, Richard Price, a peer who had worked with Johni for several years, acquired Lineages, Inc. and expanded the process of African American research into the already renowned successful research he and his affiliates had undertaken for over 40 years. Rick is accredited in English research, taking over a dozen research trips to Europe and working over a year in archives and churches in Germany England, Wales, and Scotland. He received an MA in Family History from Brigham Young University and was a founder and past president of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Rick has a team of researchers, many of whom are accredited genealogists and have BA and MA degrees in Family History. Their expertise is broad, compiling families in all of North America, including African American, Native American and Jewish research. Focus has been made in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, all European and Eastern European countries, Scandinavia, Russia, and Central and South America. He is excited about serving the clients of Lineages and assisting them in getting to know who they are through a knowledge of their roots.

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