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“It seems that my early childhood years was one crisis after another. Shortly after Easter, in […]
In our research of British families, we often encounter service in the military—the British Army, the […]
  The Royal Navy impacted British history and our ancestors’ lives, changing the course of world […]
Even if your ancestor did not leave a personal journal of his experiences, a history of […]
Did your ancestor serve in the British Army? Many of these records are online and available […]
Typically, a census study of a family in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries means […]
It’s almost Mother’s Day, a time when we celebrate the mothers in our lives, whether they […]
When the United States was created, the U.S. Constitution stipulated that a population census be conducted […]
      The 1850 census was not only the first to name every household member, […]
When the United States was formed, the U.S. Constitution stipulated that a population census be conducted […]
Did you know that April is Scottish-American Heritage Month? It is a great time to think […]
Since 1790, the federal government has been counting of the population by taking a census every […]
   “John, son of John Wilkins, baptized the 2nd day of January 1726/1727” Have you seen […]
Every March 17th it seems all of America is proud to proclaim their Irish heritage, with […]
   What are kirk session records? An often overlooked, but extremely valuable resource, in Scottish genealogy […]
Introduction: This is part 2 of a two-part blog designed to provide some basic knowledge of […]
Are you looking for a Revolutionary War ancestor? Perhaps family tradition or a biographical sketch you […]
Traditional Italian weddings take years to plan and prepare for as it is customary for the […]
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often think of couples falling in love, renewing their commitments, or […]
At the beginning of the Lunar New Year people with Chinese ancestry across from the world […]