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Part 1 of this topic illustrated the power of Danish censuses in tracing a family over […]
How to Start your Danish Genealogy Research Denmark is a small country with a big history. […]
Now that you have learned how to use the Tanguay dictionary and the Drouin collection, here […]
The Drouin Collection contains over 15 million French-Canadian genealogical records that were microfilmed by the Drouin […]
Compiled sources, though not always reliable, can be a good place to gather starting information on […]
 When it comes to Genealogical Research in Madeira, there is a lot going for you! There […]
When doing any Madeira research, you follow the usual genealogical methodology with some modifications to account […]
Proving the Parent Child Relationship of Mamie Brown and Henry Roth Family mysteries have often stood […]
If the Village of Origin has been determined for your ancestor, now is the exciting part […]
Italian immigration had an enormous effect on the growth of America in the 19th century.  In […]
The Deep South is known for its heat and humidity, churches on every corner, and good […]
Part 1 of this blogpost covered the record types for Napoleonic-era civil registration records. Part 2 […]
Napoleonic-Era Civil Registration Regions Under the French Republic, Civil Registration was introduced to France in 1792. […]
Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code was implemented in 1804, shortly after the French Revolution. This law […]
  Are you interested in answering a genealogy question using DNA? Read this genetic genealogy post about […]
  Genetic genealogy is labor-intensive. It is easy to spend hours on individual steps like sorting […]
When it comes to genetic genealogy it can be a challenge knowing which DNA testing company […]
  DNA is now an essential tool in genealogy. The appropriate handling of DNA evidence is […]
“My mother, Carolina Jones, was born in the state of Tennessee and is buried there. My […]
Historical Background Not long ago, everyone’s father or grandpa had been involved in World War II. […]