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  Georg Friedrich Bidlingmaier Born: 27 Mar 1812 in Plochingen, Württemberg Died: 28 Aug 1884 in […]
Sara Frenkel and her two daughters left Hamburg, German aboard the ship Teutonia in June 1864 […]
Minna Hirschfeld and her three children immigrated from the United States from Schneidemühl, Posen, Prussia, Germany. […]
Fischer, Caroline Friederike born 30 Dec 1843 in Friolzheim. Daughter of Johann Georg Fischer and Christina […]
Feiler, Jacob Friederich born 18 Feb 1859. Son of Johann Georg Feiler and Regine Katharine Zoller. […]
Böckle, Christina born 16 May 1830. Daughter of Friederich Böckle and Christiana Juliana Stokin. Emigrated: 1857, […]
Blessing, Anna Maria born 12 Aug 1823 in Friolzheim. Daughter of Joseph Schenkel. Married: Johann Georg […]
Bertsch, Emma Pauline born 13 Jul 1902 in Friolzheim. Daughter of Ludwig Friedrich Bertsch and Rosine […]
Asspahl, Catharina Dorothea born 23 Oct 1824 in Friolzheim. Daughter of Johann Gottlieb Assfahl and Christiana […]
Christian Bachmann Mennonite, farmer and resident of Menzingen son of Jacob Bachman and Eva Maria Bechtel […]
  Joseph Melcher immigrated in 1881 to the United States from Durmersheim, Baden, Germany.  In 1900, […]
  Dominik Maier and his wife Maria Anna Fritz immigrated to the United States in 1833 […]
  Heinrich Tatje Age: 23 Residence: 387 Greenwich Street, New York City Origins: Schlahe, Hannover Spouse: […]
  Julius E. H. Hintze Age: 28 Residence: 77 Orchard Street, New York City Origins: Bockstedt, […]
  Samuel Emil Kessler Age: 28 Residence: 87 8th Street, New York City Origins: Unter-Hallan, Canton […]
  Wilhelm Röhrs Age: 27 Residence: 519 Broome Street, New York City Origins: Nordkampen, Hannover, Germany […]
  Anton Pochmann Age: 34 Residence: 72 Grand Avenue, New York City Origins: Nessachen, Bohemia Spouse: […]
  Bernhard Hoffmann Age: 33 Residence: 82 Allen Street, New York City Origins: Jena, Thüringen Spouse: […]