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  People have come to America for a variety of reasons. During the years of the […]
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As Independence Day draws near, and everyone makes plans to barbecue and watch fireworks, do we […]

Land was important to many of our ancestors. The government recognized this and used it as […]
Many Americans do not realize that Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day with the […]
The following blog post continues a series on military pension records, this one being part 2 […]
In June of 1812, the U.S. declared war against Britain, a war that would last until […]
If your ancestor applied for pension for Civil War service, they had to jump through some […]
From 1861 to 1865, the American Civil War tore the country in half and ended with […]
In our research of British families, we often encounter service in the military—the British Army, the […]
  The Royal Navy impacted British history and our ancestors’ lives, changing the course of world […]
Even if your ancestor did not leave a personal journal of his experiences, a history of […]
Did your ancestor serve in the British Army? Many of these records are online and available […]