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This blog is one of a series of blogs by staff of Lineages so that you […]
The Deep South is known for its heat and humidity, churches on every corner, and good […]
Historical Background Not long ago, everyone’s father or grandpa had been involved in World War II. […]
There is a large amount of information available out there for your Native American research. The […]
Interested in learning more about your Native American genealogy? Are you a tribal member or belong […]
Newspapers are often an unexplored resource in genealogical research, particularly amongst African American researchers who may […]
In the first part of this African American genealogy series, we learned how to use the […]
Genealogical research is fun for some people but for others it is more of a chore. […]
  -C- c., ca. (abbreviation)about or around, from the Latin word circa. Cajun derivative of the word […]
  -A- abstract abbreviated transcription of a document or record that includes the date of the […]
-B- b. (abbreviation) born. B (abbreviation) black, indicating race. banns public announcement of an intended marriage, generally […]
Lineages, Inc. works with attorneys, trust officers, and private parties to locate heirs to estates at […]
Document everything! Train yourself to photocopy or transcribe the title page(s) of a publication or the […]
After you compile a family group sheet, pedigree chart, genealogy, or family history, check exact dates […]
Don’t believe everything you read about your ancestors in books or family trees posted online! Genealogies […]