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The estate of Dewi/Dewey H Jones included 16 slaves that were divided in 1860 among his heirs–Dudley Jones, Thomas Jones, Marcellus Jones, Alonzo W. Jones and John E. Jones.

Schley County, Georgia

Inventories and Appraisements, 1858-1869

Vol. A, Page 55-60

Recorded on February 13, 1860

Division of Negroes:

To Dudley Jones (an imbecile person)—Peter, valued at $1,400

To Thomas Jones—Mary, valued at $500; Jesse valued at $1,200

To Marcellus Jones—Drew, Harriet and child valued at $1,550

To Alonzo W. Jones—Milley and two children valued at $1,350

To John E. Jones—Henry valued at $1,500

Sarah C. Hunter—Sam valued at $1,000 and Major valued at $600

Wyatt Jones—Hannah valued at $1,400

S. H. Jones—Nancy valued at $1,200; Elick valued at $700; Emily valued at $400

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  1. Hi Mary,
    I am assuming that the Mattie Jones you seek is African American. Researching African Americans can be a daunting task, and requires determination, and even then, your work may not bear fruit. I can’t help you specifically, but I will send you to a wiki on a website that lists several resources available to search for your person.
    This site has many tips and links to help you continue your search. Also, state or university libraries in Georgia may have manuscripts you can search for Mattie’s name. The best way I have found is to look everywhere. If you discover the name of Mattie’s enslaver, you can research the person and hopefully find records they kept about their “property.” They were taxed on property, so Mattie’s name could be on a tax list somewhere under the name of her enslaver, or in a will, or a probate record if before 1865. If you would like some professional help you can always call or write. Here is our number and email address: 801-571-6122 Email:
    Good Luck!

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