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We the subscribers having been called upon by James Atkinson, administrator of the Estate of John Atkinson Dec’ to act as commissioners in the division of the personal property of said dec’d did meet on teh 19th day of January 1830 and make the following appraisement and division of the the Negroes of said dec’d according to the intent and meaning of a deed made by him in his lifetime to his children (relation thereunto being had doth more fully and at large appear).

Nilus, $450

Letty, $350

Anthony, $300

Nilus, $150

Milly, $300

Charles, $300

Tabby, $250

Sarah, $200

Lucey, $325

Bob, $150

March, $350

Matilda, $200

Nancy, $275

Jinny, $175

Cato, $275

Ellen, $325

Susey, $175

Janet, $1

Caesar, $450

Stepny, $375

Old Sam, $75

The whole appraisement amounting to five thousand seven hundred and one dollars and the dividend thereof being nine hundred and fifty dollars & 16/100 we have allotted to Frederick Atkinson the following Negroes, viz.,

Old Sam, Milly, Charles, & Tabby, appraised at nine hundred and twenty-five dollars; being twenty-five dollars & 16/100 under his proportion.

We have allotted to John W. Atkinson the following Negroes, viz., Lucy, Bob, Sarah & Nancy appraised at nine hundred and fifty dollars being within 16/100 of his proportion.

The remain Negroes of said dec’d we have thrown into a common stock for the benefit of the four minor children and to be subject to another division between the four minors at some future period.

Signed: Isaac Leoir, Tho. J. Polk, James H. Sylvester

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 2 Package 1




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