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We Tho’s J. Polk, Isaac Lenoir, and James H. Sylvester being called on by James Atkinson, Exr. of the Est. of John Atkinson, deceased, to make a Division of the Negroes belonging to the said John Atkinson dec’d agreeable to a deed made by him in his life time have divided them and allotted them as follows, to wit:

To James Atkinson, Jun’r

Anthony, $475

Ellen $400

Matilda, $375

Total: $1,250

To Henry Atkinson

Stepney, $375

March, $400

Becky, $400

Total: $1,175

To Sarah Atkinson

Ceasar, $425

Caty, $275

Susan, $225

Jenny, $225

Janet, $1

Total: $1,151

To Elizabeth Atkinson

Nelus, $400

Letty, $350

Nelus, $250

Pricilla, $150

Adam, $100

Total: $1,250

We further allot that Elizabeth Atkinson pay to Sarah Atkinson the sum of Forty three dollars and 50/100 and that James Atkinson pay Sarah Atkinson the sum of Twelve Dollars and that James Atkins pay ot Henry Atkinson the sum of Thirty one dollars.

Signed: Tho. J. Polk, Isaac Lenoir, James H. Sylvester

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 1 Number 1

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