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Slaves named on the inventory and appraisment of the Estate of Abel D. Rhame filed on July 15, 1857 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Paro, a negro man $400

Albert, a negro man $450

George, a negro man $500

Nora, a woman, $450

Sarah, child of Nora, $500

James, child of Nora, $400

Davy, child of Nora, $400

Hariet, child of Nora, $300

Malvenia, child of Nora, $200

Ellen, child of Nora, $175

Sidney, child of Nora, $100

Mary, a woman, $400

Hampton, $375

Tom, $275

Hannah, $125

Ann, $100

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Abel D Rhame Slaves


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