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An inventory and appraisal of the 13 slaves belonging to the estate of Ebenerzer Jefferson Cottle was filed on October 1, 1858 in Schley County, Georgia.

Schley County, Georgia

Inventories and Appraisements, 1858-1869

Vol. A, Page 4

Recorded on October 1, 1858


Inventory and Value of Negroes:

Henry, a man, $1,200

Jacob, a man, $1,000

Lige, a man, $1,200

Emeline & children: Mary, Coleman, & Nerve, $1,900

James, a boy, $700

Alex, a boy, $600

Georgia, a girl, $600

Mariah, a woman, $1,000

Elizabeth, a woman, $1,000

Sam, a man, $1,100

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ebenezer cottle slaves


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