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By Janet Alcala

At the time of her death, Jane Turner of Spalding County, Georgia, owned eight slaves.  The name and value of each slave is listed on an inventory taken of her personal property and recorded on July 9, 1860 with the probate court.  Source: Spalding County, Georgia Inventories and Appraisments, Volume 1, Pages 188-190. Contact to order a digital copy of the entire inventory.

Jane Turner

Vol. A, Pages 188-190

Recorded on 9, July, 1860

Inventory and Value of Negroes

Gabriel, a man, age 41, $900

Joe, a boy, $1600

Sam, a boy, $1400

Jim, a boy, $700

Betsey and infant child, $1200

Rachel, a girl, $1600

Mary, a girl, $1600

Lindy, a girl, $900

Contact for a digital image of the inventory of the estate of Jane Turner.

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