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An inventory and appraisement of all the goods and chattels of John Rhame, deceased…taken on the 15th day of July, 1854 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Ben & Mary, $1,700

Hester and her children: Dolly, Richard and Sandy, $1,700

Angeline, Robert and Lewis, $1,600

Adam, $1,000

Simon, $800

Easter, $450

Roset & children: Mena, Anna, Louisa and Albert, $1,800

Nancy & children: Julia, Moriah, Milly and Billy, $2,250

Peter & Lydia, Minta, Henry and Rhema, $2,700

Baccus, Rose & Elcy, $2,000

Caleb, Lotty & child Jim, $2,100

Tom, $950

Sally, $900

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 163 Package 10.

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