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A true and perfect inventory and appraisement of the personal estate of John Singleton, deceased, filed on 16 July 1834 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Negro Slaves

Dolly $130

Vicey $300

Phillis $300

Dick $280

Lear $175

Abram $200

Monday $200

Ben $150

Little Jacob $100

Mike $450

Big Jacob $400

Sharper $270

Edmund $500

Bacchus $400

Lew $500

Betty $300

Lucy $175

Hannah $300

Dinah $300

Affy $350

Moses $150

Rachel, $125

Mary $80

Peter $450

Esther $250

Rose $1

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Probate Records, Bundle 90 Package 1

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  1. I have identified several enslaved from this list that are part of my family tree.
    My family members had been enslaved by Elizabeth Singleton then given to John Singleton and Robert Millwood Compton. It was R. Compton that took my family from Sumter to Madison Tenn then to Marengo county Alabama.

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