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An inventory and appraisement of the Negroes of Mary Anderson (deceased) taken on 5 Sept. 1838 in Sumter County, South Carolina.

Negro man Scipio, $150

Negro man Bob, $0.01

Negro man Isaac, $375

Negro man Simas, $800

Negro boy Scipio, $600

Negro boy Sam, $700

Negro boy Saul, $500

Old woman Binah, $125

Negro man Charles, $500

Negro man Harry, $375

Negro boy Kelly, $800

Negro boy John, $500

Negro boy William, $400

Negro boy Hugh, $275

Negro woman Elsy, %550

Negro girl Sally, %650

Negro girl Binah, $600

Negro girl Rachel, $300

Negro girl Lydia, $150

Source: Sumter County, South Carolina Estate Records, Bundle 1, Package 2




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