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List of slaves sold on March 27, 1855 from the estate of Samuel Allen in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

Inventories, 1855-1865, Page 13

Mrs. Allen purchased Sarah, a Negro woman, $200

Wm. R. Strong purchased Jack, a Negro man, $900

Dr. T. M. Cayle purchased Alfred, a Negro boy, $895

Joseph H. Cardwell purchased Matilda, a Negro woman, $895

Joseph H. Cardwell purchased Green, a Negro boy, $450

Thomas Hall purchased Susan, a Negro girl, $515

Charles Ellington purchased Patsey a Negro woman & her child, $895

David Molloy purchased Leany, a Negro girl, $406

Richard Ellington purchased Anthony, a Negro boy, $112

Col. J. M. Scales purchased an unnamed small child, $150

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