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Georg Friedrich Bitsch, who was born in Brandau, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany, taught English in Spitz-Altenheim. He left there in 1833 with his wife (Christina) and two children (Adam and Wilhelm) to settle in St. Clair County, Illinois. This family group shows him as the fifth of seven children born to Johann Adam Bitsch and Anna Margaretha Schäfer. It also names all his grandparents.

Johann Adam Bitsch

citizen and carpenter in Brandau

son of Johann Martin Bitsch and Anna Eva Hübner

born 22 Oct. 1765 in Brandau

died 1 Jan. 1828 in Brandau

married 9 Sept. 1779 in Neunkirchen


Anna Margaretha Schäfer

daughter of Johann Melchior Schäfer and Anna Margaretha

Christiane Artzbecher

born 27 Jan. 1752 in Bickenbach

died 19 Dec. 1829 in Brandau

Children born in Brandau:

1.   Anna Margaretha Bitsch, born 13 May 1780; died 18 Mar. 1832 in Brandau.

2.   Katharina Elisabetha Bitsch, born 10 Oct. 1782; died 27 Sept. 1812 in Brandau; married 29 Apr. 1804 in Neunkirchen to Johann Georg Krichbaum of Winterkasten.

3.   Georg Friedrich Bitsch, born 13 Jan. 1785; died 13 Jan. 1785 in Brandau.

4.   Philipp Gottlieb Jacob Bitsch, born 15 Jan. 1786; died 16 Jan. 1786 in Brandau.

5.   Georg Friedrich Bitsch, born 8 Apr. 1787; taught English in Spitz-Altheim and went to America from there in 1833 with wife and two children.

6.   Johann Georg Bitsch, born 12 July 1790; died 6 Dec. 1849 in Brandau.

7.   Elisabetha Margaretha Bitsch, born 27 May 1795; died 25 Nov. 1857 in Brandau.


Source:  Neunkirchen Ev- Lutheran Kirchenbücher.


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