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Johann Adam Adam

citizen and master tailor in Brandau, Hessen, Germany

son of Philipp Jacob Adam and Anna Katharina Klenk

born 30 Jan. 1793 in Brandau, Hessen, Germany

died 20 Aug. 1824 in Brandau, Hessen, Germany

married 11 June 1821 in Neunkirchen, Hessen, Germany

Anna Margaretha Jost

daughter of Johannes Jost and Benigna Margareth Elisabetha Steer

born 3 Sept. 1901 in Brandau

went to America in 1831

Children born in Brandau, Hessen, Germany:

  1. Johann Adam Adam, born 14 Dec. 1821; went to America in 1831 with his mother and stepfather, Jacob Klenk.
  2. Johann Jakob Adam, born 29 Sept. 1823; died 11 Jan. 1824 in Brandau, Hessen, Germany.


Source:  Neunkirchen Ev- Lutheran Kirchenbücher.

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