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Johann Georg Bitsch and his family left their home in Brandau, Hessen, Germany 
in 1852 to make a better life in the United States because Brandau had too many 
skilled carpenters and jobs were hard to find. They settled in Ohio. 

Johann Georg Bitsch
citizen and carpenter in Brandau
son of Johann Adam Bitsch and Maria Barbara Hechler
born 2 Aug. 1807 in Brandau
married 16 Jan. 1842 in Neunkirchen
Elisabetha Barbara Simmermacher
daughter of Johann Peter Simmermacher and Maria Katharina Feick
born 21 Sept. 1813 in Klein-Bieberau; died 28 July 1897 in Sandusky, Erie, Ohio 
Children born in Brandau:
1.   Katharina Bitsch, born 23 Sept. 1838.
2.   Johann Adam Bitsch, born 7 June 1842.
3.   Infant daughter, born and died 7 Feb. 1844.
4.   Anna Elisabetha, born 21 Mar. 1845.
5.   Georg Nikolaus Bitsch, born 22 Sept. 1848; died 25 Nov.
     1848 in Brandau.
6.   Christina Barbara Bitsch, born 9 Oct. 1849.
The family went to America in 1852.    
Source:  Neunkirchen Ev-Lutheran Kirchenbücher. 

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