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The family of Johann Jakob Beck left Schwarzerden, Saarland, Prussia in the summer of 1748 and arrived in Philadelphia on September 7, 1747.

Johann Jakob Beck

son of Johann Georg Beck and Lies Katharina

born about 1713 in Schwarzerden

married about 1736

Anna Katharina

Children born in Schwarzerden:

1.  Maria Margaretha, born 18 September 1736.

2.  Johann Bernhard, born 26 November 1738.

3.  Anna Barbara, born 26 March 1741.

4.  Maria Elisabeth, born 10 April 1743; died in Schwarzerden.

5.  Anna Elisabeth, born 6 April 1745.


(1) Schwarzerden Church Records.

(2) Pennsylvania German Pioneers.


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