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Leo Frank was born on 27 Feb 1902 in Neuenbürg, Baden, Germany and immigrated in 1926 to the United States.  He married (1) Maria Magdalena Ossfeld on 2 Nov 1930 at the Church of Incarnati in New York City.  They had two children before she returned to her native home in Oberöwisheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany where she died on 4 Sep 1969.  Leo remained in the United States and married (2) Maria Theresia Zoz on 3 Oct 1970 in San Diego, California.  Leo died on 26 Nov 1987 in El Cajon, California.  While living in New York, Leo became a naturalized citizen on 18 Dec 1933, while residing at 515 West 171st Street.  Leo listed one child on his petition for citizenship–Elise Frank, born 15 May 1932 in New York City.  The following family register includes genealogical information about Leo, his parents and siblings.  It also names his grandparents

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