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Johann Adam Sieber

son of Georg Adam Sieber & Catharina Elisbetha Störzbach

Born: 5 Feb 1813 in Grossgartach

Married: 9 Jul 1839 in Grossgartach

Antonia Friederika König

Daughter of the butcher Lorenz König & Magdalena Rebecca Siemmel

Born: 7 Jun 1816 in Grossgartach

Children of Johann Adam Sieber and Magdalena Rebecca Siemmel

  1. Gottlieb Lorenz Sieber, born 24 Aug 1839 in Grossgartach; died 30 Aug 1839 in Grossgartach.
  2. Johanna Paulina Sieber, born 3 Aug 1840 in Grossgartach.
  3. Louisa Sieber, born 12 Feb 1842 in Grossgartach.
  4. Ludwig Christoph Sieber, born 4 Apr 1844 in Grossgartach.
  5. Friederika Sieber, born 5 Jul 1847 in Grossgartach.
  6. Katharine Sieber, born 5 May 1849 in Grossgartach.
  7. Johanne Sieber, born 18 Mar 1852 in Grossgartach.

The entire family left Grossgartach on 30 Aug 1852 to go to America.



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  1. Do know John Godford Sieber and Joanna Rachel GOLDBERG Sieber of Germany? I looking for their parents? I only have they left Germany. They were there when was Prussia maybe. They are my great great grandparents.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    The Sieber family listed on this website was gleaned from some records found in a library. I’m sorry I don’t currently have any other records for the Sieber family, but if you would like some help searching for them, you could always talk to one of our researchers who might be able to help you. You can email someone from our company or call and talk to us. Here are some numbers: 800-288-0920 or
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