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21. Four Generation Family Tree




Family Tree Chart Description:

The first heirloom family tree chart was created as a wedding gift. Everyone at the reception who saw it wanted one for their family.  Today, they hang on the walls of countless families who proudly display generations of their ancestry for everyone to study.  Each chart is a one-of-a-kind creation and ranges in size from 11 x 14 inches to 60 x 78 inches, the average size being 22 x 44 inches. All charts are printed on an acid free vinyl product that should last for ages.

  • You will provide all the information (and photos if desired) that will appear on your chart.
  • Decide if you would prefer a black or white background.
  • Choose the finished size.
  • Contact us!


If you have not traced your ancestry, call 801-571-6122 to discuss options.


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