Lineages, Inc.

04. African American Advanced Research Package



60 Hours Research

You and a Research Consultant work together to design a project to meet your research objectives.

  • We review the background information that you provide, as well as prior research reports. Researchers prepare the research plan to address the goals.
  • Each completed project is compiled into a printed booklet that includes a research report, research calendar, images of supporting documents, a pedigree chart and family group records.
  • Recommendations for future research are included. This will help us keep track of any objectives that will require more work in a possible future project.
  • DNA projects focus on analyzing your DNA in relation to your specific objective(s). You may request that we order a DNA test kit for you as part of your project.
  • Projects will use available traditional sources, and if DNA tests results could help break through brick walls, this valuable resource will be used, too.
  • We use records found in various repositories, including the world-famous Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as available online records from other sources.
  • As needed, we will used one of our many onsite researchers to access local records in courthouses, genealogical societies, county record offices, diocesan archives, museums, state libraries, or state archives.


What you will receive:

  • 60 hours of research (includes writing report)
  • Each project is assembled into a printed booklet that includes a research report, document calendar, images or extracts of source documents and pedigree chart(s) along with family groups showing our research findings.


Additional general information:

  • The initial consultation is free.
  • Feel free to call us or email us with questions during the course of your project.
  • Most projects can be completed within about three months.
  • A PDF digital version of your report is available upon request.
  • For a fee you may order extra copies of your report to share with other family members.
  • If desired and requested, we can create a family tree for you on line using one of these three platforms: FamilySearch (free access), Ancestry, or MyHeritage.
  • Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may request preparation of names for the temple.
  • Call 801-571-6122 to discuss rush research pricing.