Lineages, Inc.

Lineages: American Family History Researchers and online genealogists

Need more branches added to your family tree?

Our experienced staff of professional genealogists can help you, whether you have hit a roadblock in your research or simply lack the time to do the research yourself. Tracing ancestry is like solving a mystery. A researcher examines dozens of public and private records to gather facts and clues about your family’s past. Then the pieces are fit together to construct a well-documented family tree. Our services have been designed to meet all your research needs.

Genealogy Research Step 1:

Meeting your research goal requires more detailed information than a short sentence provides. A research consultant will contact you to learn more about your goals. We often need to learn your family stories, find out how much research you have already done and if you have family trees or documents to share with us.

Genealogy Research Step 2:

You will complete a “Family Tree Research Packet” before research can begin. We will study it carefully and reach out to you again if we need any more details.

Genealogy Research Step 3:

Research begins with accessing records online, ordering documents from record keepers around the world as needed, and bringing in our international agents to lend a hand when necessary.

Genealogy Research Step 4:

Each project is assembled into a printed booklet that includes a research report, research calendar, image or extracts of source documents, and a pedigree chart along with family groups showing our research findings. You can order extra copies of reports for family members.