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Need an Expert in North American Genealogy & Family History?

Our talented staff of professional genealogists can help you, whether you need us to start from scratch or have hit a roadblock in your research. We found thousands of elusive ancestors by methodically piecing together seemingly meaningless clues that led to adding generations to a family tree. Tracing American genealogy is like solving a great mystery. Genealogists locate dozens of public and private records to gather facts and clues about your family’s past. They use those facts to construct a well-documented family tree. Each completed project is compiled into a printed booklet that includes a research report, research calendar, images or extracts of the relevant documents, and printed pedigree charts and family group records. Many people want to learn where their ancestors came from and what they did for a living. We can often learn about their lives and follow their movements across the frontier. It is a great experience to take this knowledge and plan a heritage trip to the communities, farms and haunts where you ancestors lived and labored. We can help you prepare for a vacation of a lifetime. We can also find your family’s immigrant story using naturalizations, passengers manifests and other records. Everyone wants to know how their family fits into the great arc of American history. We can identify ancestors who served in the American Revolution or Civil War. It is so important to preserve and pass our heritage on to our children and grandchildren. We will reach out to you to define your research goals, gather additional facts about an ancestor and ask you to share family stories or little-known facts that we will not find in public records. We may also ask you to take an inexpensive Genealogy DNA test to help guide us when the paper trail runs cold, which can happen when public records in places where an ancestor lived have been lost or destroyed.
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