The fee that you pay for our research services covers the time it takes to research, document, computerize and prepare a report. Our professional services are billed hourly, with a basic research package starting at a minimum of 10 hours.

All research services require prepayment of the amount cited for the package you choose.  Payment may be made by check or credit card in US dollars. Research package fees include:

  • The time required to review previous research, interact with you, other family members, and persons who share your ancestry by email, telephone or mail.
  • Research, locating and acquiring documents, analysis, creating your family tree, and report writing, preparing deliverables.
  • Copying, postage, shipping, handling, and extra copies of each report.
  • You will be contacted beforehand when we suspect that research costs might exceed 10% of your retainer. You will be asked to provide written approval, usually by email.
  • We endeavor to accomplish your research goals in the time that you purchase, but sometime a wish list exceeds what can be accomplished in a fixed amount of time. We might contact you to ask for additional time.
  • Retainers are non-refundable.

Depending on workload and unless otherwise negotiated, it may take 4-6 months from the time of purchase to complete your research. We recommend, but do not require, that all clients take a minimum of one and preferably two DNA tests. These tests play a big role in getting past road blocks caused by record loss and undefined relationship. If you agree to test, research will not begin until the results have been delivered to avoid wasting precious research dollars.


The fee that you pay for our record lookup services covers the time it takes to locate and scan a record. Your fee will be refunded if we do not have access to the record you ordered.