Lineages, Inc.

Lineages, Inc. works with attorneys, trust officers, and private parties to locate heirs to estates at a reasonable cost.  Like many other firms, it does not take a percentage (sometimes as high as 50% of a person’s inheritance) as a finder’s fee. Since 1983, Lineages, Inc. has helped the legal community and private clients find persons in the following circumstances:

  1. Missing Heirs—known and unknown heirs to an estate.
  2. Legatees—persons named in a will whose whereabouts and status are unknown.
  3. Beneficiaries—known and unknown beneficiaries to a will, trust or insurance policy.
  4. Notice to Heirs—search for the current contact points of heirs when notice of inheritance is to be given.
  5. Owners of Unclaimed Property—search for owners of large amounts of unclaimed property, including bank accounts, interest payments, stock dividends, etc. In cases where the legal owner is deceased, their legal heirs become the focus of research.
  6. Heirs of a Decedent in a Wrongful Death Suit—same as searching for missing heirs, legatees and beneficiaries.
  7. Missing Persons—often more difficult than locating any of the above because  some missing persons do not want to be found and have changed their identity or have joined legions of other homeless individuals and have fallen off the grid.

Clients receive a report and copies of all documents used to identify missing heirs and beneficiaries.  Call 801-571-6122 for more information.


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