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List of slaves belonging to the Estate of W. F. Broadnax filed in November 1863 in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

Burrel, Doctor, John, Joanna, Pleasant, Alfred, Essex, Squire, Linder, Jordan, Clem, Christiana, Caroline, Libby, Luda,

Ussay, Oscar, Burrel, Henry, Mary, Ann, Eve, Joe, Jones, Ephraim, George, Willis, Nancy, Harrison, Reuben, Travis, Rush,

Pheoba, George, Emily, Fred, Fanny, Nancy, Mary, Ally, Rachel, Isham, Tom, Jesse, Julia, Robert, Henderson, Jennie, Pleasant,

Polly, Sally, Rachel, Abraham, Issac, —-, Jack, Wm, Champ, Lewis, Collins, John, John, Issac, Asa, Lidia, Nancy.

Inventories, 1855-1865

Page 719

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