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An inventory and appraisal of the 13 slaves belonging to the estate of Ebenerzer Jefferson Cottle […]
An appraisal of the Negro slaves belonging to the estate of William J. May taken on […]
Schley County, Georgia Inventories and Appraisements, 1858-1869 Vol. A, Page 28 Sale of Slaves Belonging to […]
An Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Caleb Curtis an insane person as presented to […]
John Platts died in late 1860 in Barnwell County, South Carolina, leaving an estate that included […]
By Janet Alacla An inventory of the estate of John B. Reid of Spalding County, Georgia […]
By Janet Alacla An inventory taken of the estate of Josiah Nunnally was recorded on July […]
By Janet Alcala At the time of her death, Jane Turner of Spalding County, Georgia, owned […]
By Janet Alcala After the death of Ismael Dunn of Spalding County, Georgia, the court ordered […]
Pierce Butler, a Major in the British Army, was born to an aristocratic Irish family on […]