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Identifying the men and women who owned your ancestors during slavery requires finely honed skills and years of experience. Our expertise comes from having traced hundreds of African-American family trees. Choose the research package that best fits your needs, and we will start tracing your ancestors back to the slave period and look for their owners.

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We will need your help in bringing your ancestors back to life by supplying items not available in public records or online, such as photos, passages from diaries, family stories, unsolved mysteries, and other interesting details.

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Land Records Part 1

By Diane Rogers | 07/11/2024

“Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’ for, because it’s the only thing that lasts.” —Gerald O’Hara, Gone with the Wind The above quote sums up the life and breath of America. The possibility of owning land attracted many Europeans who had no hope of…

On the Road – Tips for Taking a Genealogy Road Trip

By Diane Rogers | 06/27/2024

For many beginner genealogists, much of the research can be completed online. With billions of records between sites like Ancestry and FamilySearch, so much can be found online in the comfort of our home. Eventually, our journey is going to take us offline and into the library and archives. Only a small percent of the…

Father’s Day

By Diane Rogers | 06/12/2024

Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday in June as a companion to Mother’s Day which is celebrated in May.  But when and why did it begin?  According to, Father’s Day originated with Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington in honor of her father.[1]  The article states “she is said to have had the…

Reverse Genealogy: Tracing the Descendants of Your Ancestors

By Diane Rogers | 05/14/2024

Reverse Genealogy: Tracing the Descendants of Your Ancestors Usually, the goal in our family history research is to go back through the generations. We scour vital records, hoping that it names our ancestors’ parents. But what about those other names on the records? What about the other children listed on the census record? What about…

German Influences in the United States Part 2

By Diane Rogers | 04/26/2024

If you have German American ancestors, understanding the practices discussed in the last blog will help you know what to expect when researching them. This blog will discuss research strategies and where to find records based on these practices. Research strategy We will start by discussing what you must learn about your German ancestors before…

German influences in the United States – Part One

By Lineages | 04/12/2024

Many Americans have German roots somewhere in their family tree. Until recently, German Americans largely stuck to their own communities in the New World. Their practices affected how their records were created, which we must remember as we research them. This blog will focus on these practices, and the next blog will focus on applications…

German Americans

By Lineages | 03/29/2024

Even though the U.S. began as British colonies, it attracted immigrants from other European countries, including Germany. About one-fifth of Americans today can claim German Roots. Up until the early twentieth century, German Americans maintained their language and culture. This affected the lives of our German-American ancestors and where their records were kept. This blog…

Geneanet Last Name Frequency

By Lineages | 03/22/2024

Have You Ever Seen the Geographic Distribution of Your Surname on a Map? If you have not, Geneanet has the perfect resource for you, their Last Name Frequency map![1] Who is Geneanet? I’m glad you asked. Geneanet is a collaborative French genealogy website and community. It was bought by Ancestry a few years ago, making…

Using Hawaiian Land Commission Awards in Hawaiian Genealogy

By Lineages | 03/08/2024

We all know the importance of land records in our genealogy research. Deeds can give us key information about our ancestors, like when and where an ancestor lived, how much he purchased his land for, his neighbors, and sometimes even family members. Land records in Hawaii are no different – except Hawaii’s land has a…

Using Deeds in Hawaiian Research

By Diane Rogers | 02/16/2024

Tracing Hawaiian ancestors poses a unique challenge for researchers. Among them are an almost non-existent written language before the 1820s, unique naming practices, and a lack of consistent record keeping. One of the richest records in Hawaiian genealogy are deeds. The Great Māhele Prior to 1848, Hawaiian commoners were not allowed to own land. Instead,…