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Napoleonic Code The Napoleonic Code was implemented in 1804, shortly after the French Revolution. This law […]
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“My mother, Carolina Jones, was born in the state of Tennessee and is buried there. My […]
Historical Background Not long ago, everyone’s father or grandpa had been involved in World War II. […]
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Johann Adam Sieber son of Georg Adam Sieber & Catharina Elisbetha Störzbach Born: 5 Feb 1813 […]
Johann Georg Ade son of Johannes Ade and Barbara Kauffman born 21 Jan. 1804 in Niederdobel […]
Gottlieb Ackermann innkeeper and green grocer in Gaildorf son of Michael Ackermann, farmer in Erbstetten, and […]
Jakob Abendschön citizen and barber in Schwaigern son of Heinrich Abendschön and Rosina Catharina Söhner born […]
James Wisdom Martin was born on 31 May 1856 in St. Ann, Jamaica, British West Indies. […]
Johann Melchior FISCHER was born on 30 Sep 1753 in Heidenheim an der Brenz, Württemberg, Germany. […]