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Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday in the United States replete with family dinners, parades, football games […]
Known as the Great War prior to WWII, WWI raged for a few years before the […]
Many men were required to register for the WWII draft. Whether or not your ancestor served […]
Many records are created around a person’s death: death certificate, obituary, burial records, probate records. Probate […]
Living History Textbooks describe the dates, important figures, and significance of historical events. They detail the […]
Genealogy is research into your family, about your family. It uncovers stories and shows where your […]
Even before either place was a country, Germans crossed the ocean to begin new lives in […]
  Doable Snippets Approach Inspires a Paradigm Change! Part 2 is a continuation of my sharing […]
While very few American frontiersmen married a “Cherokee Princess,” thousands wed Native Americans before 1906. If […]
     Deer in the Headlights? I recently helped an Arizona cowboy with his family history book […]
Previously we learned about the Homestead Act and what it meant for our ancestors. We will […]
The homestead act, passed in 1862 and enacted in 1863, lasted 123 years. Two hundred seventy […]
“History remembers only the celebrated, genealogy remembers them all.”  ~ Laurence Overmire I’m Emily Wilbur Alley. […]
  People have come to America for a variety of reasons. During the years of the […]
Did your ancestor suddenly disappear from records? Your ancestor’s wife was listed as “Wife” in a […]
Anyone researching individuals and families in the 19th and early 20th centuries will probably have a […]
If you have taken a DNA test, you may have noticed your match list, which shows […]
Several years ago, in the day of kludgey desktop monitors and dot matrix printers, I assigned […]
In the previous blog, we learned some history around the American Revolution. Knowing the historical context […]
As Independence Day draws near, and everyone makes plans to barbecue and watch fireworks, do we […]