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We, at Lineages would like to wish you heavenly peace, great joy, and everlasting love during […]
Have you read Charles Dickens’ classic novel, A Christmas Carol? Have you shed a tear as […]
Happy Hanukkah! The eight-day Hanukkah celebration in 2022 begins on December 18th and ends on December […]
Christmas has a history about two thousand years long. It started as a religious holiday focusing […]
We, at Lineages, wish you a beautiful, joyful and peace filled Christmas. We thought we’d give […]
Giving Thanks The northern settlements that would eventually become part of the United States were originally […]
In the previous article, we learned about what obtaining a pension entailed for our ancestors and […]
Colonists in the Americas were tired of Britain’s tyrannical rule and wanted to govern themselves as […]
Are you “doing” your own genealogy? If not, you probably have a reason! Many people believe […]
  A good genealogist will use various record types in researching their ancestors, and this includes […]
How many times have you discovered an old document that seems to be relevant to your […]
What does an obituary look like? Obituaries come in several different forms. The most useful for […]

In 2001, the United States Congress passed a resolution making October, Family History Month. Having now […]
  UK School Records It’s back-to-school time across many parts of the world. Students of all […]
Richard Woodruff Price grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. At about the age of twelve, his Sunday […]
History Grandparents’ Day is a relatively recent holiday. Russell Cappers started the idea with a letter. […]
Famous for cowboys and Native Americans, the Southwest has a history that predates the establishment of […]
  Family Reunions Summer is nearly over. Children are back in school, the leaves are turning […]

Many dream of vacationing on the Islands of Hawaii, surrounded by beaches, ocean, and volcanoes. Perhaps […]