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Many men were required to register for the WWII draft. Whether or not your ancestor served […]
While very few American frontiersmen married a “Cherokee Princess,” thousands wed Native Americans before 1906. If […]
This blog is one of a series of blogs by staff of Lineages so that you […]
We, at Lineages, wish you a beautiful, joyful and peace filled Christmas. We thought we’d give […]
Shed a Little Light Oh, let us turn our thoughts today To Martin Luther King And […]
Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. This article will focus on research […]
Compiled sources, though not always reliable, can be a good place to gather starting information on […]
Napoléon Bonaparte established the French Empire, also known as the Napoléonic Empire,  in 1804 and immediately installed […]
Alexander III became Tsar of Russia on March 13, 1881, the day Alexander II was assassinated […]