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Our talented staff of professional researchers can help you, whether you have hit a roadblock in your research or simply lack the time or training to tackle it yourself. Plus, our rates are 40% lower than many of our competitors! Check out our sample projects and then pick the research package that best fits your needs!


Identifying the men and women who owned your ancestors during slavery requires finely honed skills and years of experience. Our expertise comes from having traced hundreds of African-American family trees. Choose the research package that best fits your needs, and we will start tracing your ancestors back to the slave period and look for their owners.

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Genealogy Research that's Insightful, Thorough & Personal

Our staff of amazing genealogists and family historians cannot wait to start documenting your ancestry. They will work with you to plan and achieve your research goals.

We will need your help in bringing your ancestors back to life by supplying items not available in public records or online, such as photos, passages from diaries, family stories, unsolved mysteries, and other interesting details.

The end result will be a fun trip down several memory lanes, and you will want to share it with family and friends.

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