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Alaska: The last state added to the union. The biggest state geographically, yet the fourth least […]

Many dream of vacationing on the Islands of Hawaii, surrounded by beaches, ocean, and volcanoes. Perhaps […]
The Little House on the Prairie series follows the Ingalls family as they move from Wisconsin, […]
Introduction: This is part 2 of a two-part blog designed to provide some basic knowledge of […]
Are you looking for a Revolutionary War ancestor? Perhaps family tradition or a biographical sketch you […]
As Valentine’s Day approaches, we often think of couples falling in love, renewing their commitments, or […]
After the Reformation in Europe, religious freedom was one factor that attracted people to the Americas. […]
Americans today, whose ancestors lived in the early Virginia and Carolina colonies, are connected to some […]
  November marks the beginning of the holiday season. In the United States, Thanksgiving is the […]
  Pennsylvania can claim to be the birthplace of the United States, as that was where […]
Colonial America was a land of opportunity, offering possibilities and freedoms that most impoverished Europeans could […]
Known for being part of tornado alley and for epic thunderstorms that shake the ground, the […]
The Deep South is known for its heat and humidity, churches on every corner, and good […]